August 1999

Conceived as a soundtrack to a non-existent movie, the third CD released by the French fashion house APC (Atelier de Production et de Creation) is a masterpiece crafted by "The Man Who Needs No Sleep," aka Bill Laswell, who already worked on the first two discs. This recording, which was done in five days, has also been released with the subtitle "Ambience Dub, Vol. 1." The credits on the sleeve aren't very helpful -- in fact, the whole CD's artwork consists of a sketchy table drawn by hand, with the musicians' names scribbled among the song titles and numbers indicating their percentage of contribution but nothing else -- so we have to guess at the individual activities. Laswell himself plays his trademark dub bass and, being the producer and mastermind of this recording, he's responsible for the drum programs and various sounds as well. Guitar player Nicky Skopelitis is easily recognizable. Then there's APC designer Jean Touitou, probably playing keyboards; J.B. Mondino, who might play guitar; and Thierry Planelle, obviously adding samples and sounds.